Io’mandra: Tides of Fate

Every race will tell you a different tale about how the old world ended and this new harsh one began. The dragons and dragon born would have you believe that theirs is the true tale. The size of their empire makes it the most widespread, but truth is a squirmy thing that doesn’t like to be pinned down. They would have you believe that the Draconic empires have always held sway. That the world of men and elves hold no significance to that of the mighty Draconian people. But a darkness is awakening, one that threatens to unveil all the secrets of this world and the next. Secrets that will reveal ancient evils and set the world on a path of destruction. Just how will these secrets begin to unravel? Is the world ready, and what will these truths bring with it?

Based on the campaign written by Chris Perkins


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