Kriv Blackscale

"Can you wait a round?"


Tall, slender dragonborn. He boasts black scales and serpentine like features. Belongs to no caste. Warlord, captain. Relies on his voice rather his brains. Looks after himself, first and foremost, but will come to his crews aid when needed the most.


One of the last surviving members of the Drath’Hakin heritage, Kriv and his family has been entrusted in guarding a mysterious artifact for thousands of years. For reasons known only to him, Kriv left his life of duty for one of plundering and piracy. Upon becoming infamous among the Sea Kings Kriv was forced to return to the island which his family guards. Greed and lust for power and revenge lead him to stealing this powerful artifact, unleashing destruction and devastation on whomever would challenge him. Power is just as destructive to its wielder, however, and he found himself in a clash with beings far more superior to himself. After an attempt on his life, he was washed ashore on small island of Keth with virtually no memory of his previous life.

Kriv Blackscale

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